Les lecteurs demandent: Chers Ou Cher Parents?

Who are Chers parents?

Cher The 68-year-old singer and actor was born Cherilyn Sarkisian, the child of an American mother and an Armenian-American father. The multi-award winner has revealed that for much of her life she did not feel strongly connected to her Armenian heritage.

What happened to chers dad?

Sarkisian, a truck driver, ended up deserting his family when Cher was young. Holt remarried and Cher actually did not meet her birth father until she was eleven years old.

Who is chers mother?

Cher, byname of Cherilyn Sarkisian, (born May 20, 1946, El Centro, California, U.S.), American entertainer who parlayed her status as a teenage pop singer into a recording, concert, and acting career.

What killed Sonny Bono?

January 5, 1998

How do Armenians look like?

Main physical characteristics of Armenians are short and round skull, long and curved nose, dark brown or black hair, dark eyes, thick eyebrows, and light skin. Armenians are an ancient nation and have a rich history and are more varied; you can meet Armenians with lighter or blonde hair, green or blue eyes.

Why Does Cher have two dads?

Well, despite having different fathers – Chaz being the son of Sonny Bono and Elijah Blue the son of Gregg Allman – the two had been close when they were younger. Unfortunately, since then the two had grown apart, mostly due to them going to different schools and living in distant places.

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Who is Chers son?

Los Angeles, California U.S. Elijah Blue Allman (born July 10, 1976), known professionally as P. Exeter Blue, is an American musician, and the son of singer Cher and her second husband, Gregg Allman. He is the half-brother of Chaz Bono, Delilah Allman, Michael Allman, Layla Allman, and Devon Allman.

Who is chers sister?

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPH OF GEORGANNE LA PIERE:; American actress and half-sister of Cher. Georganne LaPiere Bartylak (born September 7, 1951) is an American actress and half sister of Cher. Her television and movie career lasted from 1974 to 1996.

How old was Cher’s mom when she had her?

Her mother, Lynda Inez Gulley, was 13 at the time of her birth, while her father Roy Malloy Crouch was 21. Her parents eventually separated and Holt spent time between both of them.

Who were chers husbands?

‘ Georganne and Cher’s mother, Georgia, was born Jackie Jean Crouch in 1926. Her father Roy was 21 and her mother Lynda was aged 13, just a baby herself.

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